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NSW Police Security Master Licence - 405 047 405

ABN -81 063 709 491

Phone: 0417-0417-27

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With over 32 years of technical experience we provide our customers a complete range of security services. We hold a current NSW Police Security Master licence (405047405) and all our technicians hold a personal NSW Police Security licence together with an ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) cabling licence. These licenses are a essential requirements for anyone conducting security installations, service work, cameras systems and cabling work. Our technicians hold the correct endorsement for the security tasks undertaken and for the associatedcabling requirements. You can be assured you are dealing with people who should be trusted with your security arrangements. We pride ourselves on confidentiality, integrity and a professional approach.


01 Assessments & Quotes 

We are licensed Security Consultants (Licence class 2A) so you are getting the best advice and recommendations for your security requirements. We will recommend the best product and always search for competitive pricing from our suppliers. Phone 0421-319-422

02 Alarm & Access Control Systems

We service and maintain all brands of alarm and access controlsystems. We have specialised programmers and software to keep your system working reliably and effectively. Phone 0421-319-422

03 Camera Systems

Camera systems are constantly improving and this is avery difficult product to understand with a large variety of cameras and recording equipment on the market. Not all cameras are the same and there is a substantial difference in quality and performance. Give us a call to discuss your requirements before you make an expensive mistake.  Phone 0421-319-422


04 Data cabling - Internet-Wifi and Access Control 

We are licensed ACMA cablers to be able to legally install  and your security systems, phone and data cabling. If you need faults traced out we have specialised testers to be able to do this. We can also provide reports and investigate issues you are having with internet and Wifi. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Phone 0421-319-422

05 Back to Base Monitoring

We have a variety of applications to monitor your security system back to base. The control room will call you when your security system sends an alarm. We can also set up remote camera viewing and equipment control via the internet. The NBN is affecting alarm systems as they cannot use an NBN type phone line . Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Phone 0421-319-422

06 Security Consultants 

We are licensed Security Consultants, electronic security technicians and barrier specialists which is mechanical security options. With over 32 years of experience we can provide reports, Risk Assessments and post event reviews. Call us to discuss your requirements. - Phone 0421-319-422



And why we excel at our job

  • We pride our company of providing  a high level of customer service and support that will result in people telling their friends, families and colleagues how well we looked after them. We have done this since 1991 and still use this business model to grow our business. 

Safety First

Work Health and Safety is a very important focus for our business. This is for both for our staff and our customers. We have no tolerance for unsafe work practices, taking risks or cutting corners. We have had no Workers Compensation claims in 32 years. 

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