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Arlo Wire-Free Security System with 3 HD Cameras (VMS3330)


We have a great new product to offer you called NETGEAR ARLO. This is a wireless camera system where you can move the cameras around your premises to suit the need at the time. The cameras link via WiFi to a based station located next to your internet router. There is an app available called ARLO which you download on to your smartphone and you can view your cameras remotely. The next stage is you can arm your cameras for movement so from that point onwards any movement in front of the camera will send a time and date image to your phone. The good part is once you have purchased the camera system there is no ongoing fees or charges. The basic system starts with one camera for around $299 through to a maximum of 15 camera per system. These systems are great if you are renting or your preferences for camera location may change. The camera can look after a neighbours house whilst they are away on holidays or you can put a camera in a remote garage or workshop. The cameras run on four lithium batteries and depending on the use they should last for about 6-8 months. Give us a call to discuss this great new product.


We are pleased to be able to announce we can now supply and install the BLUE PHONE supplied by Smart Caller. This is a terrific product for people living alone as the phone comes with a portable pendant for you to wear should you have a fall or need help. It also has reminders to tell you to take medication and a check function to make sure you are OK each day. Should you need to press the emergency button to call for assistance the unit will call up to eight telephone numbers of your choice to let people know you need assistance. The good news is there is no ongoing monitoring fees so once you have purchased the unit that is all you need to pay. I believe these units exceed the quality and features of any other care phone system currently available. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us. You can also visit the Smart Caller web site at www.smartcaller.com.au.

We are currently installing the systems in your home in the Sydney Metropolitan area for the same price that you would buy them on line . We are licensed phone technicians so we will make sure it all works without the usual additional costs of a phone technician. Smart Caller has many other great products that are designed for people living on their own requiring support services.  The other great products include the Seizure Alert systems and Lone worker GPS tracking (Smart Track). These units can also be used for Dementia patients in case they wander away from their usual residence.

Call Dave for further and information and support on these products. Mobile: 0421-319-422 or 0417-0417-27


We are still getting reports of break ins via remote garage doors. The main issues is the rope release on panel lift door are being accessed from outside the door with a hook and then released. Please check the top of your door and see how much of a gap you have from the middle of the door looking in to the garage with the door in the down position. Disconnect the rope and maybe install a cover plate to stop the release being accessed from outside. The second issue is know how many remotes will open your door. If you have just moved into a new premises delete all the remotes from the controller (instructions are usually on the unit) and only program the remotes you have. This stops extra remotes from previous tenants or owners being used. If you need assistance please give us a call.

When renting or purchasing a new premises it is also important to have your alarm defaulted by a technician and recoded. This will make sure nobody has a code that shouldn't and your system will operate correctly